Wet Edge

Your most important decision regarding your new pool is the interior finish. We have been a leading promoter in the Houston area of aggregate interior finishes like Pebble Tec since 2004. We proudly offer THE BEST, Wet Edge Technologies Premium Interior Finishes. The work is done by a local licensed applicator with over 20 years experience that stands behind the work. The company representative for Wet Edge actually lives in the Houston area. All Pools Plus Wet Edge installations come with a minimum 15 year warranty.
White plaster interior finishes alone constitute 80 percent of warranty claims and resulting ill will between client and builder when they discover “that is not covered by the warranty.” Our preferred choice for pool interior finishes come from Wet Edge Technologies. You enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that the finish is backed by a 15 year warranty. Realistically you will never need to refinish your pool, saving you up to $10,000 in future renovation costs!
Pools Plus LLC is not in the pool renovation business. We want to walk in your backyard in seven years and see a pool that does not need to be re-plastered, that the tile is not falling off, and that the concrete decking is not heaved, cracked or broken.

The Wet Edge Story

Only the size of the pebbles set the Satin Matrix® apart from Pearl Matrix®. The slightly smaller pebbles in the Satin Matrix® pool finish are every bit as durable and beautiful as those in the Pearl Matrix®. Satin Matrix® also includes the Pebble Edge® Admixture that was developed with the guidance of leading experts specializing in cement chemistry. Wet Edge Technologies® recognizes the powerful role that admixtures make in improving the durability of cement and specifies it in all pool finishes.


Aqua Blue

 Cool Blue

Irish Creme

Midnight Sea

 Northshore Caribbean

 Northshore Gold

 Northshore Plum

 Northshore Tahoe

 Smokey Grey

 Supreme White

 Tahitian Blue

 Tahitian Tropical

 White Diamonds

 Prism Matrix® pool finish achieves a balance between natural and manmade components, strength and beauty, style and function. The Prism Matrix® is a blend of our smaller pebbles that are well known for their roundness. These pebbles are gathered from our own quarries in remote regions of the world to create the smoothes pebble finishes available today. In the Prism Matrix® product line, beautiful reflective glass beads are added to the mix design. The glass beads accentuate the natural smooth and round pebbles. Artisans in the old world tradition add minerals such as cobalt, gold, nickel and chromium to the melting glass to create the distinctive bead colors. Prism Matrix® is the ultimate choice for those that want to add an artistic feel to the pool surface.

 Blue Lagoon

 Cerulean Blue


 Deep Sea Blue


 Glossy Black

 Indigo Blue


 Lapis Blue


 Morning Light

 Southern Lights


The Signature Matrix blends the Pearl and Satin Matrix sizes, giving an even smoother texture then either by themselves. This special blend is also very appealing visually, allowing you to really appreciate the color and beauty of each stone as you look down into your pool.


Bali Blue 


Black Magic


 Brilliant Blue

Cadet Blue







 Picasso Blue